Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Beautiful Ghanaian actress Nikki Samonas has taken advantage of the sunny weather in Ghana to show off what she has underneath her clothes.
Exclusive photos of the ‘Pretty Queen’ actress have showed her enjoying a sunbath in a hot bikini.
Nikki looked very comfortable in her bikinis and is about the only Ghanaian actress who can do that in public, as it is obvious she is confident about her stunning body.
In a few of her movies, Nikki wore bikinis when necessary.  
Currently she is on the set of an upcoming movie, but it is not clear if her latest bikini photos are coming from the movie’s set.
On Monday, she added year to her age but NEWS-ONE is yet to confirm how she celebrated it.
Born Nikoletta Samonas, she is of Greek and Ghanaian lineage, and has been a model and actress for some years.  She had a stint with Ghana’s movie industry a few years ago after she was given a minor role by Abdul Salam in his Venus Film’s hit movie, ‘Beyonce.’ By then she was at the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science &Technology. Later, she played a lead in AA production’s ‘Pretty Queen’.
She has starred in a number of movies which  include ‘Beyonce 1&2’, ‘War of Roses’, ‘Desperate Measures’, ‘Deadly Obsession’, ‘Pretty Queen’, ‘Wrong Line’, ‘DNA Test’, and ‘Red Label’.
 “Acting was never in my plans. It was modeling. I started with advert modeling on TV before Salam brought me into the movies,” she once said. She did ads for Septrin soap in 2008, TiGo telecommunication network between 2007 and 2008 and Eclat gel in 2009.
Nikki is sometimes branded controversial. She once told NEWS-ONE that she would prefer taking off her clothes in a Hollywood movie rather than a Ghanaian movie.

Her reason was that doing such a thing in Ghana did not pay.
“I have not played any explicit sex scene before. No I have not. But if somebody gives me a huge sum of money to play explicit in Hollywood I will; but in Ghana, no.”
“In Hollywood, you take off your brassieres and they are giving you 10,000 dollars. Taking off your cloths, it is like 10,000 x 5. Besides in Hollywood, they do explicit sex scenes in a tasteful way. It is not like how we do it here. Hollywood makes it look better. You see what I mean.”



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