Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Ghanaians will once again have another opportunity to have a free view of the naked buttocks of popular actor Majid Michel.
Majid’s very hairy and light-skinned buttocks have been exposed for public view at a time when Ghanaian movie critics are divided over what constitutes nudity in Ghanaian movies.
The actor’s naked buttocks became a subject of news when it was first shown in two Ghanaian movies, ‘Hearts of Men’ and ‘Dons of Sakawa’.
NEWS-ONE has recently spotted the very hairy and light-skinned buttocks of the award-winning actor in a yet-to-be-released movie, ‘Why Marry?’ a two-cast movie in which he co-starred with beautiful actress Yvonne Okoro.
Though his butt in ‘Dons of Sakawa’ did not attract much attention, in ‘Heart of Men’, it did. A lot of people criticized the movie, which was one of the reasons Majid fell out with a number of media men at the time.
This new buttocks exposure is not as glaring as the previous ones. It however generated some excitement among journalists who watched a preview of the movie at its press release last Wednesday.
The general conclusion was that the movie’s director, Frank Rajah, could have easily edited the scene where Majid showed his hairy buttocks, because it would not have affected the plot of the movie.
The movie is however the first of its kind in Ghana as no Ghanaian producer has ever shot a two-cast movie. Besides the uniqueness of the cast, the movie’s story is appealing and rides on comedy.
The professional aptitude of both actors, Majid and Yvonne, were also challenged as they really put up some good performances.
It is a movie that seeks to explain the assertion that marriage is a game; hence couples that play it well, win.
 Mr. and Mrs. William (Majid and Yvonne) were engrossed in crossfire of conflicting emotions, pains, gains, laughter and the tears of a destiny bound life. Flying on the path of love, they soon realise that they need more than just a vow to keep them together.
So they started to ask themselves, why marry? The movie comes with a lot of exciting scenes.
Movie enthusiasts will see it for themselves when it premieres at the Silverbird Cinema on August 26. 



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