Friday, 19 August 2011

NEWS-ONE has   stumbled on a photograph of a Ghanaian actress named Kafui Danku flaunting her beautiful and sexy boobs to those who wish to watch them.
Her succulent and round-looking boobs were attractively positioned as that of a hot stripper who just finished tormenting male clients.
NEWS-ONE is yet to confirm the circumstance that led to the capturing of the photo.
However, background checks revealed that it was taken by a journalist with a popular West African entertainment website.
The photo was taken by the journalist while in a room with the actress.
Sources could not confirm if there were other people in the room when the photo was taken.
But the actress had reportedly warned the journalist to protect her by not releasing or using the picture anywhere for any reason. 
She however used the photo as her profile picture on her yahoo messenger account.
Close sources said some friends who stumbled on the photo on the internet quickly copied it and started displaying it on other platforms including social networks.
Kafui K. Danku joined the movie industry in 2008.
However due to her inconsistency in the industry, she has not been able to make an impact. “She is back”, recent media reports hinted.
Kafui appeared in a number of movies including ‘Sins of The Soul’, ‘Shadow of the Dark’ and ‘Reason to Kill’.



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