Monday, 22 August 2011

An Akosombo-based police officer, Eric Kofi Boakye Yiadom, otherwise known as ‘Dova’, has claimed the spot of the second policeman to join the music industry.
Reports say he has dropped a mind-blowing highlife single ‘Obia Se Eye,’ with a very good rhythm.
The song is already enjoying airplay on most radio stations in the capital.
Kofi Boakye utilized the extraordinary sweetness of his voice to get away with plenty of lines that would sound absolutely sleazy if it came from other singers in the industry.
With less than a week’s airplay, some music experts have already said the song ‘Obia Se Eye’ would make Kofi Boakye an instant star.
Kofi did not feature any known artiste, saying he wanted to prove a point but information from sources said he was flirting with Jam Master J (J M & J) and might feature either Stone Buoy or Khaki on his yet-to-be released album early next year.
“It has been very challenging combining my job as a police officer and being artistes. But I know with hard work and determination, no mountain is too high to surmount. I’m currently partially being managed by Soundbuk Entertainment, headed by my own brother Amisty but we are hoping that I’ll be signed on to a big management house soon,” he noted.
“I’m still in the studio working on the album which we are planning to release somewhere early 2012 so observers should watch out for Eric Kofi Boakye Yiadom but I’d like to keep the title secret.”



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