Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Linda Abbey, actress and wife of celebrated actor comedian Augustine Abbey popularly called Idikoko, is mad over reports that she is having a clandestine love affair with top Ghanaian actor Agya Koo.
She has threatened to drag to court all the media houses that carried the story, including NEWS-ONE.
“How can I be chasing him for love? Agya Koo cannot sleep with me because I am a responsible, married woman and I do not cheat on Idikoko. What you saw was just a movie and I was only being professional but it does not mean I want him to have sex with me,” Linda Abbey added.
NEWS-ONE carried a story last week that after Linda Abbey and Agya Koo were paired as secret lovers in a new movie, ‘Agya Koo Armed Robber’, Linda, according to sources, had fallen head over heels in love with the actor.
“I don’t know who your sources were but I will say they lied to you and that is why I want to take you guys on. It takes time to build a reputation and somebody just gets up to dent it like that.
“They say in every rumour, there is some iota of truth in it but this is so fake and annoying. Do you really believe I will be chasing Agya Koo and he will be chasing me as well? 
“We have a good working relationship with Agya Koo and that is all. I know he is a responsible man with a wife, so why would we do that? You guys must be careful…really hurt my feelings but my husband has been cooling me down. Idikoko is the only man I decided to be with and that is final,” she explained.
Before NEWS-ONE carried the story, the paper had contacted Linda Abbey for clarification but she replied that she was in church and promised to get back to the paper, which she did not.
She however surfaced last Friday, raging with fury over the matter: “I love my husband. I am not going behind him. Please I have babies for him so please don’t crumble all that we have fought for over the years.”
Reports say her family members are on her throat to come out clear about the reports making the rounds.
The movie that is causing the brouhaha was directed by Idikoko, with Agya Koo playing the role of a manager of one of Paa George’s company. Linda, who played Nancy, was married to Paa George, an old man who could not satisfy her sexual needs. Nancy decided to force Agya Koo to have an affair with her.
At first, Agya Koo would not accept her proposal but he finally decided to give in after a friend’s advice and threats from Nancy that she would make sure he was sacked from her husband’s company.
The movie was released a fortnight ago as a collaborative project by Great Idikoko Ventures and Auslin Filmcraft.  
According to a source close to Idikoko’s Great Idikoko Ventures, Agya Koo and Linda Abbey took advantage of the movie to have some fun on set.
They did a lot of ‘things’ which were not part of the script so Idikoko had to edit those parts from the movie.
In some scenes of the movie, one could clearly see Linda shaking her flexible breasts in front of Agya Koo. There was another scene in which she was ‘warming’ Agya Koo’s penis.
But Linda said they were just acting and her husband directed the movie so what she they did was influenced by Idikoko.


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