Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Eddie Watson & Sika

Falling in love with someone and not being able to confess it can be a devastating experience but it is heartbreaking to see the one you love fall in love with someone else.
That is the exact situation in which rising actress Sika Da Diva finds herself since she fell head over heels in love with fellow rising actor Eddie Watson. Sika says she has been having funny dreams about him.
The actress basically has not gathered enough guts to propose love to the actor perhaps because in this part of the world, ladies simply do not propose to guys. It has always been the other way round.
“Hmm, we are really surprised at her behavior. Weeks ago, we were with Sika at the Aphrodisiac Night Club when Eddie came around…She could not control herself and was just staring at him first to get his attention and he noticed it. She wants a way to get Eddie’s attention at all cost but she is finding it difficult. She even wants to play a romantic role with him in a movie in the not-too-distance future,” a close friend of Sika revealed to NEWS-ONE.
When the paper contacted Sika over the issue, she initially expressed anger, then surprise before admitting that she indeed is dying for Eddie.
“I am falling for somebody and so what? Yes I remember saying I had a crush on Eddie but that does not mean I want to have sex with him,” she stated but refused to explain what exactly she meant by having a crush on the actor.
Sika revealed however that she had been having ‘funny dreams’ about Eddie. NEWS-ONE checks reveled that both Sika and Eddie are currently single. 
She stated her choice of a man to NEWS-ONE: “I like a physically built man. I mean an athletic person with a flat tummy, who is not fair.  He should not be too short and must be taller than me. He should be God fearing, loving, hard working and besides everything, he should understand my job as an actress.”
Eddie got into the movie industry less than three years ago and is currently a force to reckon with.
Meanwhile, Sika has been around since 2008 and has appeared in not less than eight movies.
Last year, she had two productions in Nollywood including ‘I Propose’, starring some of Nigeria’s crème de la crème. She also represented Ghana at the ‘Beauty of the World’ 2010 Pageant in China and returned with an enviable Miss Personality crown.



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