Sunday, 17 March 2013

Basil Anthony
Ghanaian and Nigerian entertainment industry players are currently split over claims that Alingo dance is a direct adaptation of Ghana’s Azonto dance.
While some swear that the Nigerians copied the Ghanaian dance, others insist Alingo is completely different from Azonto and had existed way before the emergence of Azonto.
Amanda Jissih
Recently, top Ghanaian musician Samini released a sampled version of the original Alingo song and said he saw P-Square dancing Azonto but they tagged it Alingo.
The new Samini song is generating diverse commentaries in Ghana and Nigeria as well as some other African countries.
Adenrele Niyi
NEWS-ONE tried to pick the thoughts of some stakeholders in the Ghanaian and Nigerian entertainment industries by posing the question: “Do you think Alingo Dance is same as Azonto?”

Obed Boafo
Adenrele Niyi, entertainment editor of Nigeria’s National Mirror newspaper said: “I think Alingo is a smart copy of Azonto but of course, the boys added a few of their own dance routines to the original Azonto. Everyone knows there wouldn’t have been an Alingo without Azonto. (smiles.)”

Shuga Angel, a sexy Nigerian musician and student based in Ghana thinks: “They are different styles. So I don’t think it’s same.”

Harmony Attise
Harmony Attise, manageress of a new Ghanaian musician by name Alberto said, “No it’s not same. Alingo is not as fun as Azonto and needs too much energy. I beg dance is dance and it’s evolving. Everyone can create one and give it a name and it’s okay.

Amanda Jissih, host of E-Talk, the popular entertainment show on Gh-One believes: “It’s almost the same. There’s Azonto in it. It’s like 95percent Azonto Dance.”

Basil Anthony, popularly known as CEO-extraordinaire, is the organiser of popular Chicken & Beer party and other important events. He thinks, “Naija always copies Ghana music. If you watch the video you see they using our Azonto Dance moves.”

DJ Mensa, Ghana’s acclaimed untouchable Disc Jockey said, “I wouldn’t call it a ‘diss track.’ I will call it a reply. I believe it’s in its right sense. They tried Alingo but it couldn’t stand the Azonto. Now Nigerians are again saying Azonto. Watch every current video coming from Nigeria, they do Azonto. P-Square here is feeling too big to do azonto because everyone knows them to be good dancers and because they didn’t originate it. Why will Samini reply? Did he ever do an Azonto track? No because it’s annoying and that is why he will reply.”

Shuga Angel
Coaches, the manager of popular Ghanaian songstress Tiffany also said: “Yes it’s the same... Why because it’s the same Azonto dance moves mixed with Hip Hop dance.”

Eugene Ntreh, former editor of Fylla Magazine who now works at MTN Ghana said, “It’s not the same but it’s a smart way of banging in the success of Azonto. I think this is not a bad thing to do. It’s just playing smart.”

DJ Mensa
Obed Boafo, publicist and CEO of added, “I have watched the Alingo video and I think it has shades of Azonto in there. It is obvious the inspiration was from Azonto. It is normal for popular dance themes to be imitated or hacked into, which is what P-Square did. Unfortunately for them, they put up a corresponding song that made it too clear their target was the Azonto and its coefficients.”

Bulldog; artiste manager and CEO of Bullhaus Entertainment said, “It is the same. Look at the moves in the video. When P-Square came to Ghana, they admitted it was Azonto.”

Credit: NEWS-ONE


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