Friday, 15 February 2013

Yesterday February 14, Promzy, a member of music trio VIP, added another year to his life.
He spent the day saying thanks to hordes of music fans, family and friends who wished him happy birthday on various social networks.
His birthday coincided with Valentine’s Day. 
Last year, a surprise birthday party was thrown for him by other members of VIP, Zeal and Prodigal, at Reggie Office. Perhaps this year, there is another surprise party in the ‘pipe line’ for him.
Meanwhile, sources told NEWS-ONE that there were some surprises at the rapper’s home yesterday.
Promzy is well known for his music talent and tattooed body. Most often, he comes on stage with outfits that expose his tattoos, which makes the ladies croon for him.
But he is yet to explain the meanings of his numerous tattoos.
Close sources to the musician once said Promzy always avoided talking about his tattoos “but, he said the one on his left arm was for his family.  The right is for the streets. His body is for the entire Ghana. He loves tattoos I think.”

Credit: NEWS-ONE



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