Friday, 18 January 2013

Richie Mensah
A musician, who is also a music producer, has been caught on (secret) tape making some rather damning revelations about why hiplife artiste Asem walked away from his Lynx record label.
Richie, unaware he was being taped, registered his disappointment with the musician and gave what he said were the real reasons why Asem broke with Lynx.
A copy of the tape available to NEWS-ONE captures Richie saying the Glo deal was one of the reasons Asem left the label.   
 “It got to a point that Asem started feeling he could make his decisions and handle his own thing. He started feeling like he was getting bigger than where he was and a lot of argument started to happen. But the one thing that was really painful was when Asem actually sat in front of me and ‘dissed’ (insulted) me and the label right to my saying things like we were just a recording studio and we were not capable of making any hit or managing artistes. He was practically saying that everything we have done for him was negligible and he could do much better on his own if he forms his own management team. In trying to keep things civil and polite, we said ok and allowed him to form his own management team while he was on our label. Things got worse when he started recording at other studios without telling anybody, releasing press statements which we knew nothing about. Basically he felt the Asem brand was just him, ” Richie said on the tape.
According to him, Asem was not kicked out of Lynx as a result of the rape scandal that engulfed him just around the time he left the label. Instead, it was the culmination of a series of incidents spanning over a year, in which, Asem was increasingly beginning to feel he was larger than the label and demanded to be given more attention than his label mates.
 He said he was openly disrespectful to the team and later stated in no uncertain terms that he preferred to manage his own affairs and did not feel the need to remain under the label anymore.
He added that the most heart-breaking moment was when Asem instructed GLO executives not to pay to Lynx Entertainment their share of the second instalment of the money from his GLO brand endorsement and further requested that their share of the first instalment be returned to him.
Richie said at that point, they were advised to take legal action, but after Asem declared that he did not think Lynx Entertainment deserved a share of the endorsement deal they had negotiated on his behalf, he decided not to pursue the issue any longer.
The secret recordings also contain some mouth watering revelations about Eazzy which we would publish soon.


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