Wednesday, 16 January 2013

John Dumelo on buttock saga

Sources close to popular Ghanaian actor John Dumelo have said that the gentleman confessed he did not know why he held the waist of a lady named Harriet and also took a stern look at her buttocks in public.
NEWS-ONE on Monday published the photo of the celebrity actor tightly caressing the waist of a beautiful young lady while wishfully looking at her buttocks.
The picture is currently raising a lot of questions out there. There are growing concerns as
to why John did that and why that particular girl?
Movie fans and entertainment observers are reading meanings into the fact that the lady has a sexy body and possibly that could be the reason John was attracted to it.
But it is not publicly known if John is crazy about curvy ladies although he has a lot of them as fans.
Reports from his camp suggested that his action was spontaneous and he couldn’t give any tangible reason as to why he did that.
“Seriously I don’t know why I did that. I don’t know what went through my mind,” John allegedly said.
It is yet to be confirmed if the photo is causing a stir in the actor’s love life.
NEWS-ONE is on the ground for more aftermath info about the photo’s release.        

Credit: NEWS-ONE


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