Monday, 14 January 2013

John Dumelo on his gimmick

The sexy buttocks of a young and beautiful Ghanaian lady, whose name was only given as Harriet, became the centre of attraction after popular actor John Dumelo tried playing with them in public.
John took a stern but erotic look at the lady's sexy buttocks as his two hands held on tight to her waist. Fortunately, NEWS-ONE captured a few shots.  
It was as if the popular actor wanted to say, "All I want is her waist.”
John Dumelo is known for playing such jokes in public, mostly on colleague actresses.
He was caught on several occasions faking a kiss with Yvonne Nelson and also trying to touch some actresses on vital places.            
But he took it a step further this time by trying his pranks on a non-actress and also playing the ‘buttocks antics’ for the first time in public.
The incident took place at the lobby of the National Theatre in Accra on December 29 when respected and award winning Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro's first produced movie, The Contract, was being premiered.
Harriet was at the premiering event as a working agent for Samsung. She was among a bevy of ladies who were distributing flyers of Samsung’s new camera and introducing the product to movie enthusiasts.
She decided to have a photo opportunity with John who was one of the invited guests at the premiere, and in the full glare of media cameras, the actor decided to take a wild pose with her, holding on to the lady's waist while he stared at her buttocks.

     Credit NEWS-ONE



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