Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Leonora Okine

Unlike some celebrities who have openly declared their support for and are busily campaigning for some political parties ahead of Friday’s elections, actress Leonora Okine has taken a different posture.
She has asked voters to vote based on their own convictions and taken it upon herself to embark on some civil education to urge voters to go out in their numbers for
their preferred candidate because it is their right to vote.
“Elections 2012- you decide, it is your responsibility to vote. If you dislike what a political party or candidate represents, then it is YOUR DUTY to vote for another.  Your vote is your power. Don't waste it. Decide who you'd be comfortable to see run our country. Go to the polls. Cast your vote. Leave the polling station. Go home. Watch the news and pray.  PLEASE VOTE,” she posted on her fanpage on facebook yesterday.
She has reframed from openly declaring her support for a particular party.
Leo has been shooting in Nollywood for months. She is currently one of the most sought-after Ghanaian actresses in Nigeria. But questions are being asked if she will be coming down to vote since it’s her right as she clearly stated earlier.

Credit: NEWS-ONE



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