Friday, 9 November 2012

some of the contestants

This year’s edition of Mr. & Miss Split Personality reality show will take place at the La Palm Beach Hotel in Accra tomorrow night.
It is expected to be an exciting event which will attract a number of showbiz and fashion icons.
The event used to be Mr. Split Personality Talent Show but was changed to Mr & Miss Split Personality because organizers, Shades and Powder, added a female segment to the show.
It used to be an all-male talent hunt event which sought to unearth the Ghanaian guy with the greatest ‘split’ personality. Organizers defined ‘split personality’ as being able to switch from one mood or temperament to another; the ability to think and act with speed, being eloquent and being creative.
The winner should be able to best combine all the above traits.
Judges would assess contestants in the above areas in order to ascertain which contestant best qualified to be supported in a professional career.
This year’s event will be the third and the facelift is as a result of calls on organizers, since the show’s inception, to give ladies a chance to also exhibit their intelligence, creativity and talent.
With the hype increasing already, hopes are that the female side will make a significant mark during this year’s edition.
Organizers assured this year’s winners of lots of exciting prizes such as DSTV pocket TVs, BlackBerry phones, clothing from Mr. Price and Woolworth, and juicy hampers!
All selected finalists underwent an intensive two-week training programme which spread from acting techniques to commercial modeling.  Tomorrow night, each finalist will be expected to create their own unique but interesting concept to illustrate a particular ‘mood switch’ in front of a live audience. 
Further details of the show are available at



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