Friday, 9 November 2012

Yvonne Okoro

Ama K. Ab

Deborah Vanessa


A number of popular Ghanaian stars have commiserated with families of victims of the ‘Melcom building disaster’ that killed an unconfirmed number of people and injured over 70 others.
The Achimota branch of the Melcom Shopping Centre in Accra collapsed and trapped over 70 people on Wednesday. The five-storey building collapsed at about 9:45pm, according to eye-witnesses.
The incident has since thrown the country into shock.
A number of government officials including President John Mahama and other opposition leaders visited the scene of the disaster.
Some Ghana celebrities also took to different social networks to express their shock.
Among them were Yvonne Okoro, Deborah Vanessa, Ama K. Abebrese, Eazzy, EL and Mimi.
NEWS-ONE monitored what they tweeted on social network twitter.

Below are their tweets; 
Yvonne Okoro: “Omg is the Melcom Incident true if it’s true, wats (what’s) being done abt (about)...tragic, so sorry for the victims, God be with the families.”

Deborah Vanessa: “As for the Melcom disaster, till you are in the victim's or their family's shoes, you will not comprehend. I cannot say i can imagine how it will feel, I would be lying. So sad... innocent people have died because of a cheap job done probably through greed.”

Eazzy: “Omg fuck hell..melcom collapsed? Jesoz  (Jesus)! Lord pls save souls.”

EL: “Our hearts go out to the victims of the Melcom tragedy.”
Ama K Abebrese: “My prayers goes out to those trapped in the collapsed Melcom Achimota building. How could this happen? Wow.”

Mimi: “Oooh God! God help us,imagine if you were just in the building shopping! Oh Lord help these people survive.”

Credit: NEWS-ONE


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