Friday, 2 November 2012

 In his latest song titled ‘Fylla’, Ghanaian rapper Asem has taken swipes at some of his colleagues in the music fraternity including Sarkodie, Mzbel, Wanlov The Kubolor and Keche.
The new song, ‘Last Fylla’, was released yesterday and literally condemns Wanlov The Kubolor for showing his manhood to a female television presenter.
‘Last Fylla’ could potentially generate some controversy and enmity for the rapper; though he explained it was just for fun and none of his pals should be hurt.
To him, the song was to ease tension for peaceful election. But time will tell if his pals will take it in their stride.
He talked about Wanlov’s manhood, saying that though “Wanlov was bold enough to show his thing on TV, his thing wasn’t bold enough.”  
Asem’s song also had a narration of what happened between singer Mzbel and the police, and the reason behind Deborah Vanessa’s ‘Uncle Obama’ song.
 The song also talked about a professional boxer whose girlfriend never got a hairdresser in the Big Brother Stargame House and the famous DKB-Zainab slap. 
Asem opined that Ghanaian music had to move to another level after Azonto: “Nobody is really miming, lyrical content declining, all you need is a hot beat and hook and make sure it stays on timing like Aluguntugui.”
He also made fun of Sarkodie for using ‘Irish cream’ lines in the BET cypher.  He said it was for fun so Sarkodie should not take it personal.  

Credit: NEWS-ONE


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