Monday, 8 October 2012

Testing The Waters
Ghanaian actress, Ingrid Alabi seems tired of hiding her sexy figure, which she had covered for years.
The beautiful actress has for awhile maintained a low profile in the movie industry but she is making a comeback in a new movie titled, ‘Testing The Waters’, recently shot in Italy by Roger Q production in collaboration with O.R. Events in Italy.
Though the movie is not out yet, her role in the movie is generating some controversy.

Reports available to NEWS-ONE indicate that she has allegedly shown a bit of her sexy b
 “She played her seductive best in this movie and there were scenes of her showing off her beautiful sexy body in sexy bikini,” a source alleged.  
There is no captured evidence to prove the claim; however the movie’s posters released last week gave some hints about what really happened on set and what movie enthusiasts should watch out for.
On the poster, Ingrid was in a bikini with a facial expression that stimulates some libido.
 Many who knew the actress couldn’t believe it, because she will be the last person to wear a bikini in public, especially in the movies.
Also, Ingrid had never taken such a role before in her entire movie career.
Ingrid Alabi
Currently no known Ghanaian movie star, arguably, had ever done a poster in a bikini though a number of them had won bikinis in swimming scenes.
But Ingrid has broken the record with the poster which was believed to have been leaked.
However, it is still too early to speculate on the content of the movie because an actress was in a bikini on its poster.
Actor turned producer, Roger Quartey of Roger Q Production in a release last week said, “Testing The Waters’ is an awesome movie and everybody must endeavor to see it. It will keep you glued to your seat the whole time.” 
 It is a high budget movie, slightly above a lot of movies shot in Ghana. Reports say it has good pictures to complement a good storyline.
It stars other actors such as Nartey and Khareema Aguiar, who were flown from Ghana to Italy for the production.
Currently, the movie is believed to be on the editing bench and would be out soon. 
 “The movie tells the interesting love story of two couples brought together by fate after their respective breakups.
“As their old love dies, a new love is born. But will this new love outgrow the older ones, as what started as a game is now affection?  The rest of the story will be unraveled when the movie finally comes out,” Roger Quartey said.

credit: NEWS-ONE



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