Friday, 7 September 2012

Van Vicker
There are doubts over whether popular Ghanaian actor Van Vicker will be able to shoot his upcoming action movie titled, ‘Lost’.
The actor, who is just recovering from a leg injury he sustained while practising a stunt for movie, had to postpone the movie’s shoot because of his injury weeks ago.
Current reports from sources close to the actor’s Sky Orange Production were not too good as they were unsure when they will resume shooting.
According to the source, Nigeria’s State Security Service (SSS) was still keeping Van’s prop guns he would be using for the movie.  
The SSS seized the prop guns from Van over a month ago when he was travelling from Nigeria to Ghana.
Van was trying to fly the prop guns to Ghana for the upcoming movie when it was seized from him upon a tip-off that he was transporting arms.  
He had passed through all security checkpoints and was comfortably in the plane when he was called again to ascertain the contents of his luggage.
He identified the items as prop guns purposely meant for movies. They collected the guns from him that they were taking it to an appropriate source to check their authenticity but have since not returned them to him.
The source was unable to speak to the issue of whether Van had made efforts to contact the SSS people or not. 

credit: NEWS-ONE



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