Monday, 3 September 2012

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Azonto is an African dance form which originated from Ghana. The dance form incorporates complex coordinated body movement and non-verbal communication in a rhythmic fashion in very few one-two timed steps.
Odartei Milla Lamptey, who is popularly known as Gasmilla in showbiz circles, has spoken about the craze for his azonto moves.
“It has been wonderful and it has been a long time coming whereby Ghana should have an identity through dance”.
Fans and admirers across the world keep creating new steps and the versatility of the dance cannot be caged, thanks to our celebrities such as Ruff n Smooth, Sarkodie, E.L, Tiffany, 5five, Castro, R2Bees, Stay Jay, Eduwoji, Fuse ODG, who opened Ghana to the world.
But Gasmilla has been more vibrant with the craze, going global from James Town, the place of his birth.
The crooner of ‘Aboodatoi’ has charmed his fans with his ‘arithmetic moves’, so when asked what his feelings were like whenever he was called ‘the King of Azonto’, he answered, “I always feel normal and calm. I know that there is still more in the pipeline coming out from Ghana. All praise must go to Ghana as a nation.”
His connection with the fever saw him release an instruction video, a first of its kind. His video also spurred on the animated Azonto video by Colossal Toons based on Gasmilla’s dance expression in his authentic Azonto music video.
Having appeared on Tim Westwood’s show on BBC Extra, USA VOX news and then bringing BBC’s Alex Jakana all the way to you, what do these mean to him?
“I feel that we all as different acts across Ghana have played an immense role in pushing what we can now call our own. From Tema to Chokor, from the north to the south, from the east to the west, I feel that it was great pleasure having these huge media houses appreciate me.”
“Just like everyone, I felt great. Over 150, 000 views worldwide at that period was huge and I give credit to my team who have worked ceaselessly. It is fun to know that putting up your fist in the air can actually be done across the globe,” he added, when asked how he felt on BBC Focus on Africa.
“I have been working endlessly to make sure that I don’t disappoint the trust I have gathered from my fans. Tunes like ‘Bonde’, ‘Painkilla’, and ‘Loud In Your Speakers’ have all come and now, I am cooking a new one called ‘iNNiT’. It is a piece that is coming with a new flavored Azonto,” he said about his upcoming project.
The Content Ink Management artiste is still basking in his glory and taking the craze to the world. But for now, let’s put our fist in the air, twine our right leg and do a little Azonto.



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