Monday, 13 August 2012

Ghanaian actor cum producer Van Vicker’s decision to use an upcoming actress called Ciara Zita Galega as one of the lead cast in his recently premiered movie, ‘The Hands of Time’, has earned the lady some negative feedback.
Reports said a very popular male movie producer in Ghana had threatened never to use the actress in his movies simply because she starred in Van’s movie.
The producer’s name is currently being withheld but he is a well-known figure in Ghana’s movie industry.
He is also described as a member of a group in Ghana’s movie industry with an appetite for banning actors.
 NEWS-ONE sources said the said producer was not on good terms with Van Vicker over a long-standing brawl, though they talked and acted friendly for the paparazzi.
The producer apparently did not want to have anything do with Van Vicker and his production and his close associates to come close to Van and his production.
The story is a developing one but sources said Van had promised the actress more jobs and links to other producers who were strongly behind him.    
Two weeks ago, hundreds of movie enthusiasts trooped to the Silverbird Cinema to see the new movie causing the controversy.
It was Van Vicker’s first movie to be premiered after he produced four movies.
Van Vicker at the movie's press preview
 ‘The Hands Of Time’ tells a story of two sisters- Dantee (Nadia Buari) and Phyll (Phoebe)- who got separated when a wealthy man adopted Phyll as his only child. He willed everything he had including his multinational insurance company to her on his dying bed. Kwabena (Kofi Adjorlolo), the husband of Phyll, was aware of her father’s wealth and had his own plans. Years after her father’s death, Phyll decides to search for her older sister Dantee. But her husband made a plan to stop her and take over her property. There, the intrigue sets in as she unfortunately met her death.
Her sister Dantee, who is gifted with seeing visions, after 20 years returns to find the killers of her sister and recover what rightfully belongs to her sister.   
The premiere had a full house so the movie had to be screened twice. Van will bounce back on set for his fifth production.

Credit: NEWS-ONE



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