Friday, 24 August 2012

Ghanaian comedian and Big Brother Stargame rep has reacted to reports that he had said Ghanaians do not appreciate their own comedians.
Ecstasy Entertainment, management of DKB, in a press release yesterday stated that the report was an attempt to defame its artiste, whom people already wanted to vilify.
“In their bid to depict DKB as a renegade, they used the title ‘DKB claims Ghanaians are unappreciable people’ which is not only grammatically incorrect but also meant to sway Ghanaians into thinking he said they were unappreciative people. We want to state emphatically that he didn't blatantly say it as it was reported but rather he had a hypothetical approach towards it.”
“What brought up this topic was a phone-in interview session by Angel Fm, Kumasi, during an entertainment discussion when DKB was called to give his opinion on why it seems Ghanaians do not support Ghanaian comedians but prefer their Nigerian counterparts.
“He replied saying most Ghanaians do not give new/upcoming comedians enough chance to show them what they can do but rather compare them to the best and already established Nigerian comedians, resulting in the conclusion that the Nigerian acts are better off than the Ghanaian ones.”
He ended by saying that anyone who wanted to do comedy in Ghana should not wait for all Ghanaians to support him before he launched his career, but should instead start by doing enough research with the little support he got from the beginning and would gradually gain the support of the rest when they came to realise what he had to offer. In other words, they should not rely solely on Ghanaian support for their careers to be successful, but also on their research and creativity which would make them better comedians.
“These were the original words of DKB during the interview; he at no point stated that Ghanaians are "unappreciable" or unappreciative. The article published was a misinformation with irreparable malice intended. We would not take responsibility for the misdirected actions of someone but nonetheless sympathise with the readers who were in one way or the other hurt, provoked or offended by that said article. An unqualified apology from the writers to our beloved Ghanaians and our artiste-DKB would be appropriate.”

credit: NEWS-ONE


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