Friday, 3 August 2012

O’Bryan Kwame Enyan aka boboo
Two-year-old O’Bryan Kwame Enyan, according to reports, shocked his parents at his friend’s birthday with a rendition of the famous happy birthday to the admiration of all those who witnessed it.
The kid performing a rendition of the song was no big deal, but the style with which he did it.
According to sources, it left an indelible mark on the minds of people who encouraged his parents to help nurture his talent, if he would pursue music later in life.  
“O’Bryan Kwame Enyan is just a two-year-old boy whose rap talent has become the talk on the street of Teshie Nungua Estate,” was how earlier reports described him.  
Born to Joseph and Edith Enyan, O’Bryan responds to no other name aside Boboo, a nickname given to him by his four-year-old brother.
His performance by remixing (rapping) the most popular song in the world ‘Happy Birthday’ at his friend’s birthday party is attracting attention in his neighbourhood.
Czar Woode, CEO of West African Regional Promoters (WARPS), a company interested in music and creative arts industry, has reportedly shown interest in signing Boboo and helping nurture his talent.
 “I still can’t believe a two-year-old boy really put up that performance. The boy is gifted and deserves to be in the World Guinness book of records. We are new in Ghana hence signing him would be an opportunity to project out outfit. We are hoping to come to a compromise with the parents before August.”
From sources, Boboo’s father was so happy about his son’s talent and wished he mounted the stage soon.
“Those in the western world are good at what they do because as soon as the child’s talent is discovered, he/she pursues a course that can help develop and broaden his chosen field. Fortunately and conveniently, his school Aristoland Montessori has all the facilities to help the boy be a good musician,” the source added.

credit: NEWS-ONE 



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