Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Eddie Watson and Yvonne Nelson on set
Actor Eddie Watson has described actress Yvonne Nelson as as his kind of woman, a few days after revealing that his mother has been on his case to get married.
He however denied that his mother’s advice was his reason for describing Yvonne as such.      
 “Yvonne is beautiful and sexy. Indeed, she is my kind of girl, slim and tall, oh my God. But trust me there’s nothing beyond friendship. It is impossible for a lady to replace a best man; if not Yvonne would be the best lady on my wedding day,” Eddie said early this week.
The two actors first met on the set of ‘4play Reloaded’.
A couple of months ago, Eddie and Yvonne starred in Media GH Productions’ ‘Single And Married’.
The locations, props and picture quality of the movie piqued the interest of those who had an opportunity to catch a glimpse from the editing bench.
Some of them wondered if the movie was actually shot in Ghana and applauded Pascal Amanfo, the director of the movie, for a good work done.
There are no reasons to suggest if Eddie has any feeling for Yvonne but he told NEWS-ONE in earlier interview that he was not sure if he would like to be in a relationship, one that could possibly lead to marriage, with a fellow actress; although he said he was in awe of the charming beauties of actresses Nadia Buari and Yvonne Nelson.
“I don’t admire anybody in the movie industry that I would like to go out with. Not right now. I find them very great but our work schedules are very demanding and we wouldn’t have time for each other.”
At the time, the actor believed that it was not a good idea for people in the same profession to get married and would not hesitate to advise any of his colleague actors not to go down that road.
“A relationship is not a funny time to have sex; it is not a funny time to have lunch. A relationship is far more than that. It will take serious considerations for me to marry somebody in the movie industry. That means we should be willing to give up something and that will definitely be time. We definitely need time for each other.”
“Just look at Nadia and Yvonne, they are always on set. They move from one set to the other; what time would we have to build our relationship? We might like each other but we will have problems because we don’t have time,” he added. Before actors could marry, they should make sacrifices, he emphasized, adding, “Look at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, they are a very good example. They don’t work at the same time. When Jolie is shooting, Brad is not and vice versa. This is because there must be sacrifices.”

Credit: NEWS-ONE



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