Monday, 23 July 2012

KKD and one of the girls
Ghana’s presenter extraordinaire, Kwesi Kyei Darkwa, popularly known as KKD, reportedly went on an exposing spree when he took his turn on ‘Meet The Girl In the Yellow House’ on Viasat 1 which shows on Saturdays at 10am.
One of the things KKD said in the House that he did not elaborate on but had generated controversy was that his virginity was stolen from him at age 11.
His comment was a response to a question on whether or not he was a womanizer.    
“No,” he said when asked if he was a womanizer and a
dded that women loved him for the mere fact that he was in front of the camera. The adulations he gets are from lots of people, women included.
KKD, who made a lot of revelations on the show, also said smoking and drinking alcohol were not part of his lifestyle. 
 “I don’t smoke and I don’t drink alcohol. I have never taken alcohol, I only do coconut water, smoothies and orange juice,” he was quoted.
KKD was born in Tema to Opanyin Kwesi Darkwa who started life in Obuasi area working with Electricity Corporation in Dunkwa, and Ohemaa Ama Asukwa.
The first male of six children to his mother, he saw nothing wrong with his father marrying ‘only’ three wives then, although he thinks a man can never be fair to any other woman apart from one.  
The 46-year-old had been had happily married until he was ‘happily divorced’ because things were not working out with his wife of seven years. For a marriage which bore two children, he said, they both didn’t want to make each other miserable because it just wasn’t working.
KKD went further to say that he gave women a lot of credit for how matured, organized and composed they were irrespective of their age, something men could only dream about.
According to him, he ran a company in the UK which managed corporate communications for companies like Ghana International Bank, MoneyGram, Unity Link Financial Services and others. He said he was not yet rich but he preferred to see himself as “comfortable”.
For a man who loved his wife so much, he couldn’t let her go to the UK alone when she wanted to settle there, so he gave up the glitz and glamour to start afresh in the UK. Was KKD ever a security guard in the UK as rumoured?
“I went to the UK with lots of money from Ghana. As an Ashanti man, you have to work, so I worked with a car parking company as a cashier. I wear my Prada and Armani, get to work, change my clothes, do my job, take my money and off to the house I go. It wasn’t bad because in six months, I bought my Jaguar,” a proud KKD told the Girls.
For a person who loved to live well, “I moved on to Marks &Spencer where I was doing refunds and exchanges. Then after three months, I moved to join a shareholding and communications company. I wasn’t borrowing money from anyone and my family was happy.”
He offered an advice that it was not belittling one’s self when they moved abroad doing menial jobs, but while looking for what they wanted to do, people ought to take advantage to do other things that came their way.
The BET Judge for International Acts said, “I have no shame to shining shoes to look after my family if I have to.”

credit: NEWS-ONE 


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