Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Yvonne Okoro Vrs. Mercy Johnson

           Top actresses Yvonne Okoro and Mercy Johnson are no doubt two great actresses that Africa has produced. Their acting prowess is not just amazing but indeed a force to reckon with.
In the past weeks, there have been reports about them coming together in a film.
But subsequent revelations suggest that won’t happen anytime soon because Yvonne Okoro has turned down the deal over issues which are yet to be made public.
Both actresses have not spoken about the issue yet.
As fans keep their fingers crossed for the two stars to feature in a movie together, others are also busy comparing the duo’s sexy figures and their talents on the silver screens.
The two actresses’ boobs have become a subject of discussion, especially as they don’t look like implants.
However, the bone of contention is which of the two actresses has appealing boobs.
Mercy Johnson doesn’t mind flaunting her boobs on the screens and even at public events. Several photos of her in the past, before her controversial marriage, showed her flaunting her boobs. She did that with ease, according to Nollywood media, as though she believed in the school of thought that one should show what he or she had. 
Yvonne Okoro on the other hand had been covering her boobs until she exposed them at the African Movie Academy Awards in Nigeria.
She had since gotten the world, especially Africa, talking about the exposure. However, she has returned to her old way of covering them. Both actresses’ boobs look very beautiful, succulent and extremely attractive but it is very difficult to conclude who has the sexiest.

Credit: NEWS-ONE



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