Friday, 1 June 2012

Five Ghanaian actors, Eddie Nartey, Prince David, Roselyn Ngissah, Roger Quartey and Kafui Danku have survived last Tuesday’s earthquake in Italy, for which the death toll keeps rising and search for survivors still ongoing.
The actors are currently in Brescia-Montikiari, Italy, where they were shooting a movie when the quake occurred.
BBC reports said 17 people were known to have died and another 350 were hurt in Tuesday's 5.8 magnitude quake, the second in just over a week.
“We are really safe,” talented role interpreter Eddie Nartey told NEWS-ONE on Wednesday evening. 
“It was scary though because that was my first time experience. The first day we came here, it was heavy and that was what spoilt a lot of things and destroyed homes. The last we experienced wasn’t that heavy but it stayed for some time,” he added.
“It was normal to me because I have experienced it before. Where we were the houses were moving but not too obvious and grounds shaking,” ‘The Dead’ actor, Prince David also said.
It is unclear when the Ghanaian crew will be returning to Ghana. However David said he would be heading to UK on Saturday.
The movie is a collaborative project between Ghana’s Roger Q production and Italian production O.R. Events. Its working title is ‘My Wife’s Husband’ and features some Italian actors as well.
Ghanaian actors arrived in Italy about three weeks ago, and would be shooting there for the first time.
The actors said they were safe but reports in Ghana noted that family and friends panicked and started making frantic calls when news went round that a deadly earthquake had struck Italy.
BBC’s Alan Johnston in Cavezzo reported that the search for survivors continued through the night after dozens of aftershocks had shuddered through Italy’s northern Emilia Romagna region overnight.
The first quake on May 20 killed seven people and left thousands homeless, with the 6.0 magnitude tremor causing significant damage to the region's cultural heritage, destroying churches and historic buildings.
After the second quake, the number of people made homeless had gone up from 6,000 to 14,000, the Italian government said.

credit: NEWS-ONE



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