Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Yvonne Okoro before and now
Actress Yvonne Okoro is becoming slimmer and sexier than she used to be.
Sources close to the actress said her new look could be attributed to a weight loss routine she had been undergoing for some weeks now.
Yvonne Okoro
She has already lost 10 pounds and is expected to lose more ahead of her upcoming movie which will reportedly feature some top stars in Africa.
It is however not clear if she is losing the weight for the upcoming movie or she is just doing it for beauty since it plays a significant role in her career as an actress.

NEWS-ONE sources could not confirm if Okoro had been going to the gym to work out; however, it said the actress had stopped eating certain things on set. Also, if she was served food late night on set, she did not take it. At home, she most often drank water.
Yvonne has great natural looks, therefore losing weight to complement that natural beauty is indeed something great for a young lady like her.
She is currently one of the most sought-after actresses on the African continent and is the first Ghanaian actress to feature in a two-cast movie.
She was last in the news for her sexy boobs and those of Mercy Johnson’s.

Credit: NEWS-ONE




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