Thursday, 26 April 2012

Perhaps, it is one of the interesting revelations to have come out of this year’s Africa Movie Academy awards (AMAA) in Nigeria as popular Hollywood actor Rockmond Dunbar has declared he is a Nigerian.
The popular actor was among some of the top names in Hollywood at the AMAA on Sunday. Lynn Whitfield, Maya Gilbert, and Morris Chestnut were also there.
That was Dunbar’s second time in Nigeria and he came with his mother.
Rockmond told journalists on Saturday during a press conference ahead of the award ceremony, to clear alleged comments made by Morris Chestnut about Eko Hotel in Lagos, that his DNA proved that he was a Nigerian.
“It is absolutely incredible. I had a great time here. I did have a good time and I will be back. The reason I brought my mother over was because of our African ancestral and DNA. I took a test just recently and I’m Yoruba. I am very happy that I come from a very long great line of very strong, intelligent, hospitable, humble people. So I had to bring my mother back to show her where you (his mom) are from and proud to be a Yoruba,” he said at the event.      
He was passionate about coming for the AMAAs and applauded Nollywood’s movie productions.
After the conference, he told NEWS-ONE that he had not too much expectation for the awards.
“I have no expectations for tomorrow (Sunday April 22). Y
ou know I don’t go into any project or any situation with any expectation because God has humbled me to the point that I just wait on Him. So I do want to see an incredible show. I definitely wanted to be entertained; that is why we are coming to celebrate and to be entertained. We are going to have a good time tomorrow. I am happy to be here and I’m happy to be part of AMAA,” he said on Saturday April 21.
However, he confessed that he hadn’t seen much African movies. “You know, I’m not well-versed into African movies because I just came to Africa, a year-and-half ago. My reach for African movies wasn’t that well and I’m struggling to make filmmaker friends that are within Africa. I’m also struggling to get a little more accustomed to actors and actresses and the films that are shot here. That is what I’m doing now,” he noted.
But that could not stop him from talking about Nollywood films, which he thought were advanced.
“Nigeria films are bringing up the quality of production. You guys have the quantity, it is there. So it is really taking the time on focusing in on really really great stories out there. That’s what we really want to focus on and I’m here to help. I’m here to get my expertise, thoughts, energy and whatever we need to do to bring up the quality in filmmaking so they can be distributed all over the world. That I think is very possible.”  Rockmond is an American actor best known for his roles as Kenny Chadway on the Showtime television drama series ‘Soul Food’, and as Benjamin Miles ‘C-Note’ Franklin on the FOX television drama series ‘Prison Break
In 2007, Dunbar starred on the short-lived TNT medical drama ‘Heartland’. He made a guest appearance on ‘Noah's Ark’ as himself to give Noah (screenwriter and the main character of the show) some ideas about his movie ‘Fine Art’. He also had a recurring role on the UPN series ‘Girlfriends’ and is also known for his role as ‘Pookie’ on the television series ‘The Game’. He was also a regular on the short-lived FX series ‘Terriers’.
Dunbar's other TV credits include guest appearances in ‘Earth 2’, ‘Felicity’, ‘The Pretender’, ‘Two Guys and a Girl’ and ‘North Shore’. In 2011, he joined the cast of FX's hit show ‘Sons of Anarchy’ as the new Sheriff of Charming, Eli Roosevelt. His film projects include ‘Punks’ (which debuted at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival), ‘Misery Loves Company’, ‘Sick Puppies’, ‘Whodunit’, ‘Dirty Laundry,’  ‘All About You’ and ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’.

credit: newsone, Francis Addo


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