Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Actresses Roselyn Ngissah and Beverly Afaglo have bemoaned the way they are treated as celebrities in Ghana.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE last Friday, both actresses acknowledged there were celebrities in Ghana.
However, they said, as compared to their colleagues in the Western world, they were not celebrated. The reason, according to them, was “education”.
“We are in Africa and it is now that people are getting to understand what celebrity is and know how to celebrate the stars. We are not there yet. But gradually we are getting there. Looking at the way people are treating us now and then, I think it is getting better. But we’ve not got there yet,” Roslyn Ngissah said.
“You know someone sees you and goes like…if the person wants to say hi, then the person goes like oh it is her, it is not her. But when we meet people who have travelled abroad and come back, when they meet us they are like ‘oh I want an autograph’ because they understand how to celebrate stars over there. It is not yet here but we are gradually getting there. However there was a time I went a primary school and the children there were like they want autograph and I was surprised,” she disclosed.
 “Treat us like a celebrity and the celebrities that we are. Nothing more, nothing less. If you see a celebrity or star out there and you want to talk to the person or she looks familiar, walk up to the person, talk to the person and chat with the person. For me I wouldn’t be nasty or rude to people who walk up to me to find out if I am the one. It is not all about autographs. Me, if I see somebody I see as a role model, I will walk up to you,” she added.
“Sometimes when you go to the bank, they will make you join a long queue, they don’t want to care. But there was this other bank I went to and a lady gave me chance. I am not saying treat me like a god. Sometimes there are people who have been in the bank for hours…somebody when they even see you they even get angry (sic). For me, I have had too many experiences when it comes to people and how they celebrate stars. But I think we are getting there,” Roslyn concluded.
Beverly said even though she had not done many movies in Nigeria, as compared to Ghana, she got a lot of attention anytime she entered the Nollywood country.
“I realize that the only time people are excited when they see their celebrities most of the time is at premiere. After the premiere when they see you, oh yaa it is ok (sic),” Beverly added.
“I love Nigeria. I have not done so much in Nigeria but anytime I got to Nigeria, the welcome is overwhelming. Because of the fact that they know I am not a Nigerian and from another country, they are happy to see me. Even at the airport, the security and everybody is like I have seen you on TV, we love you,” Beverly added.
Both actresses called on fans and the public to celebrate their Ghanaian stars.
Roslyn and Beverly are popular figures in Ghana’s movies industry with a lot of movies to their credit. Roslyn co-won the Ghana Movie Award best actress last year with actresses Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Okoro and Juliet Ibrahim. Beverly on the other hand picked an award in Nigeria for her role in ‘About To Wed’ series.


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