Monday, 19 September 2011

Benjamin Nikoi Kotei aka Benji, one time choirmaster of Bishop Dad Heward-Mills’ Lighthouse Chapel International Church, has chosen to do secular music.
He told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview that he found nothing wrong with that. For him not every song that is not gospel is profane.
Benji explained that the fact that he did not sing gospel songs did not mean he was singing profane songs. He said he was therefore cool with the songs though some people might have different opinions about who should do what type of music and who should not. 
Besides, the church, he disclosed, even sponsored him with money to do his first demo for his secular music.
 “I believe gospel should come from within. I don’t believe in just pick the Bible, because I want to make money and find some verse and then sing. I don’t believe in taking the Bible and opening to a memory verse and sing by force to it.
“My secular music comes from within. I don’t sing profane. My music is more of advisory music. It is a song Christians can listen to. I once had an argument with a pastor who said as far as a song was not gospel it is profane. But I don’t do profane. I talk about love. My song is about bringing homes together,” he stated.
He said he was still a believer and went to church even in the wake of diverse opinions about the music.
Benji said he had been an underground musician for close to 10 years and had worked behind the scenes for other artistes.
 “It has been hell. So now that I have the chance, I titled it ‘My Time’,” he explained the title of his 12-track album which contains songs as Too Sure featuring Guru and Kofi B, Dorcas and ‘Dream Girl’, featuring Reggie Zippy and Aaron Jordan.
Currently some of the songs are enjoying airplay with his video also getting attention.
Benji is a Ga from Labadi but he sang his songs in Twi. He attended Osu Salem Boys basic school and then to Kinbu Secondary School before entering NIIT.
He started singing at an early age and used to sing for his friends during school days.



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