Monday, 5 September 2011

Celebrated Ghanaian actor Ekow Blankson has spoken passionately about his reason to play the role of an incestuous dad in the movie ‘Death After Birth’ which was premiered last Friday.
Ekow was a medical doctor in the movie, who was having a secret love affair with Zynnell (Jackie Appiah), a girl adopted by his Wife (Kalsume Sinare).
But the day they were caught in bed by his wife, he got to know that he was all along screwing his own daughter.
He told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview that in real life, he would not do that as a responsible man who respected cultural values.
He said he chose to accept the script with the hope that his role would educate people in society who were into such relationships to stop.
To him, incest was not only a criminal offence but an abomination in the eye of the God.
“I don’t believe that people should go through that and people should be born into situation like that. So it is a very pathetic story,” he added.
He hoped that the public would learn a good lesson from the movie because that was his main aim for accepting the script.
Currently, Ekow has distinguished himself as one of Ghana’s few actors who are very choosy when it comes to accepting scripts; he only accepts good ones, like ‘Death After Birth’.
 “It is quite different the kind of things that we have been doing. Other people could pick the same story and massacre it,” he said.   
Ekow is known for his roles movies as ‘The Intruder’, ‘Diary of the Black Hustler’, ‘The Saga’, ‘Total Exchange’, ‘A Woman’s Desire’, and ‘Frozen Emotion’.
His role in Shirley Frimpong Manso’s directed ‘Checkmate’ earned him a Best Actor nomination at the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) and Best Supporting Actor at the Ghana Movie Awards. 
His role in the new movie is expected to take him places in the future if things go well.
On Friday, the movie’s premiere attracted a lot of movie enthusiasts to the Silverbird Cinema in Accra.
Death After Birth’, produced by Roger Q Production and directed by Pascal Amanfo’, is a tale of tragedy, pain and sorrow. It exposes some of the silent ordeals women and young girls go through in their journey through life.
The main story is about a pretty girl, Zynnell (Jackie Appiah) who is born into the world by ill-fated circumstance which ended her in jail. The brutality, hatred and sexual assault were more than she could bear. To help write a book in memory of such a sour journey through the world, she invites to the prison, Father Damian whom she unravels the episodes of the story of her death after birth.
The rest of the cast include Roselyn Ngissah, William Addo, Amanobea Dodoo, Beverly Afaglo and Zynnell Lydia Zuh.



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