Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Camp of Ghanaian female rapper Tiffany has decided to remain tightlipped over reports that the beautiful songstress and US R&B singer, Mario bonked each other after they both shared the stage at the Dome of the Accra International Conference Centre last Saturday night.
“We don’t have any reaction to that story,” manager Coaches said to NEWS-ONE on Monday evening.
But the paper’s correspondent, Francis Addo pushed him to make further comments.
“We don’t even know about the story. They should continue and be faking stories. One day we will put our entire anger on them. We are not reacting to anything because nothing happened,” he insisted.
“Going to the after party of the show and taking pictures as well as being on stage does not mean that something happened,” Coaches added.
Tiffany and Mario both performed at the 233 Connect musical concert which had other artistes as Barbadian songstress Shontelle, Cabo Snoop, KAS from Nigeria, Atumpan, Stay J, R2bees, Chase and a number of others.
Ahead of the show, reported that upon his arrival in Ghana for the concert, Mario’s twitter page was inundated with tweets about his admiration and appreciation for African women’s buttocks.
Some of the tweets read; “Tmrw MTO gone read,” Mario stuck in Africa on ass harassment charges”…“Fellas asking me to twitpic a real African ass! lol Yo, if I catch a good one tmrw I gotchu! Lol” “Yo real talk. African women (from africa) have the realest PERFECTLY round asses in the world!! #withalldorespect.”
After the tweeting storm about the buttocks of Ghanaian and African women on his Twitter page, it appears that R&B singer Mario may have found one Ghanaian ‘booty’ particularly interesting. alleged that reports suggested that the singer showed interest in Ghanaian female rapper, Tiffany.
According to the site’s sources, “Mario at some stage in his stay in Accra, actually took Tiffany’s phone and made her follow him to his hotel room to collect it. Hmm! The two made their fondness of each other even public when they were seen chilling together at the club, Excel for the afterparty of the concert.”
But manager Coaches told NEWS-ONE “nothing happened”.
“It is not clear if the two artists are currently involved in any relationships but Tiffany is well known to be a single mother while Mario Barrett has been linked to one Desire Mercardo.”
Still on Mario and the ladies, the website said, the singer gave some female fans in Ghana the opportunity to get up-close and personal with him during Saturday night’s concert. Some dozens of screaming female fans got to rub their fingers on his abs, while one lucky lady was called on stage to sit on Mario’s lap while he performed his hit song, ‘Braid My Hair’ to her.  



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